Bladder Symptoms

Bladder Symptoms and Cloudy Urine

cloudy urineBladder symptoms and cloudy urine can be attributed to many different causes. Remember that urine is comprised of waste, minerals, fluids, and other substances that are being excreted from the body. In most cases, cloudy urine is a result of excess phosphate crystals forming in the urine after eating a large meal, drinking milk, or consuming other foods with large amounts of phosphate. For women, normal vaginal secretions can mix with the urine and make it look cloudy.

Bladder symptoms and cloudy urine together, however, could signal a potentially more serious medical issue. Blood in urine, or hematuria, can discolor the urine and/or make it cloudy. The other urinary symptoms that accompany the cloudy urine can include painful urination, frequent urination, urgent feelings to urinate, abdominal pain, and sometimes fever or chills.

These symptoms could indicate you have an inflamed bladder, bladder irritation, or a bladder infection, also known as a urinary tract infection (UTI). With an infection, your urine would be cloudy because of an increased amount of white blood cells that are trying to fight off the infection in the urine.

Proteinuria is a serious condition in which you have large amounts of protein in the urine, which will cause it to look cloudy. Cloudy urine may contain pus, a condition known as pyuria. This is usually a sign of an underlying problem, such as a UTI or a kidney infection, which could also be accompanied by pain in the flank region of the body, painful urination, and fever. In men, prostatitis, or an infection of the prostate, can also lead to cloudy urine and similar symptoms to bladder problems.

Bladder symptoms and cloudy urine can also be a result of bladder distention, another serious medical condition that occurs when the bladder stretches past its normal capacity. Sometimes this enlarged bladder can block the urethra and cause reduced urine flow, thus leading to a build up of urine or leakage into the abdominal cavity that can be very dangerous. Cloudy urine can also mean that you have developed kidney stones that are impeding the flow of urine. Another cause of blocking urine flow is bladder diverticuli, a defect in which the lining of the bladder forms a pouch in the bladder muscle wall. The physicians at Urology Specialists can determine the exact cause of your cloudy urine through a thorough analysis of your bladder symptoms and family history. Call our office today if you are experiencing any of these urinary symptoms. We will ease your concerns and give you the necessary treatment you need to address your condition.


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Bladder Symptoms
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